Our Mission

The Defense Business Board, established in 2002, provides the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense along with other senior leaders within the Department of Defense with independent advice on business management issues. This private sector perspective is based on proven and effective “best business practices” from corporate America and presents new ideas to help senior leaders meet DoD management challenges. See DBB Charter.

The Board provides the Secretary and Deputy Secretary with outside private sector perspectives and lessons learned on business management, culture, principles, and practices not otherwise available to the Secretary from within the Department. The Board's diverse, executive-level, global business skills and experience ensure its findings and advice are applicable and appropriate to the challenges faced by the Secretary.  These private sector best business practices are highly applicable to large, complex enterprises such as the DoD, and have helped the Department achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The Board is committed to develop recommendations that will assist the DoD realize significant cost savings through efficiencies realized.  Specific cost savings are not calculated in DBB studies; however, its recommendations are based on private-industry best practices employed by leading edge companies which have realized cost savings and other efficiencies through instituting similar improvements.

The ultimate objective of this advice is to enhance the overall management and governance of the Department of Defense in order to realize savings through such efficiencies.

The Board is comprised of private citizens who possess a proven track record of sound judgment and business acumen in leading or governing large, complex public sector or private sector corporations or organizations and/or a wealth of top-level, global business or academic experience in the areas of executive management, corporate governance, audit and finance, human resources, economics, technology, or healthcare.  See DBB Membership Plan.

Members are appointed by the Secretary of Defense or Deputy Secretary for a term of 1 - 4 years serving as special government employees (SGE).  However, Member appointments must be recertified annually to continue serving on the Board.  Board Members volunteer their time to work on studies/issues requested by the Secretary or Deputy Secretary.