Defense Business Board Meetings

The Board will meet at the call of the Board’s Designated Federal Officer, in consultation with the Board’s Chair and the DoD Sponsor. The estimated number of meetings of the Board is four per year.  Meetings are typically open to the public unless the DoD determines that items on the planned agenda meet the closed meeting provisions of 5 U.S.C. §552b(c). Pursuant to DoD policy, closed meetings can only be authorized by the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, or DoD Sponsor and only after consultation with the Office of the DoD General Counsel.

When We Meet


Board Meeting dates scheduled for calendar year 2023 are: February 1 - 2  | March 17 | May 9 - 10 |  August 2 - 3  | November 14 - 15

Future Board Meetings

  Future Defense Business Board Meeting dates have been scheduled for the 2024 calendar year. The dates are listed below:

  2024:  February 6 - 7  |  May 7 - 8 |  August 1 - 2 |  November 12 - 13

Previous Board Meetings


Click on a specific date below for the documentation of that Board meeting.