Col Jason Knight

Col Jason "3Dog" Knight is the Air National Guard Service Representative to the Defense Business Board.  He is a career Space Weapons Officer with tactical and operational experience in Spacelift & Range Operations, Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM), Space Operations Command and Control (C2), and Strategic Missile Warning.

Additionally, Col Knight has served as the Air National Guard advisor to the Commander, 14th Air Force and Commander, Joint Functional Component Command for Space (JFCC Space), performing both staffing and advocacy responsibilities on behalf of all Air National Guard space equities assigned to 14th Air Force.  

Prior to joining the DBB, Col Knight served as the commander of the 137th Space Warning Squadron, Greeley, Colorado, home of the nation’s only strategic, survivable and endurable Mobile Ground System, providing immediate, worldwide missile warning, space launch and nuclear detonation detection information to the National Command Authority.   

Col Knight holds an MBA from the University of La Verne and an MA in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College.