Patricia Edwards

Ms. Patricia (Patty) Edwards joined the Defense Board Business team in August 2023.  She currently serves as the administrative analyst, contributing to diverse DBB operations and administrative functions.

With an extensive background spanning 29 years, Patty possesses comprehensive management and administrative expertise in both government and private sectors. As a published author and entrepreneur, she embodies a versatile skill set.

Her peers consider her a “Principle-Centered Leader” even when supporting others over her.  Patty believes in everyone being a team player and in the power of leadership from any role within an organization.

A dedicated servant-leader, Patty views life as a mission and radiates positive energy. She fosters the potential in others and exemplifies her philosophy through her roles as a mother of three, grandmother of six, and a multi-faceted individual. Patty indulges her passions in writing, painting, meditation instruction, tai chi, boating, and travel, embodying a harmonious lifestyle. Her commitment to holistic well-being is evident as she nurtures the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of her personality.