Roma Laster

Roma Laster is the Executive Director of the Defense Business Board. She brings 25+ years' experience, both military and civilian, in administrative support, recruiting, and human resources management. She previously served as the Operations Director for the Commission on the National Guard and Reserves.  

Roma retired from the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves in 2012, after serving as both a commissioned officer and an enlisted Marine. Originally trained as an administrator, she served at nearly every level from personnel clerk to staff officer in recruiting, operations, training, special actions, and also a tour as a military assistant to a general officer. Along the way, she transitioned into the military police field and served as a platoon commander and deputy provost marshal, in both garrison and while deployed to Somalia. While in the Reserves, she served as a civilian police officer in Connecticut, working as both a field training officer and later as patrol sergeant until she was recalled to active duty by the Marine Corps after September 11th.  Roma served as a special actions officer for the Director of Naval Intelligence before accepting her last military assignment, where she served as the Marine representative to the Department of the Navy's Personnel Security Appeals Board.

Roma graduated from the University of Florida and earned a Masters in Justice Administration at Norwich University.