Web Bridges

Web Bridges is the Deputy Director of the Defense Business Board.

Web retired from the Marine Corps in 1997, having served over 20 years while working in several occupational specialties, predominantly in the field of meteorology. He went to work for Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) on a variety of defense related areas to include design, delivery, and deployment of vehicle-mounted mobile surveillance systems for Israeli and Jordanian security forces; provided meteorological support to combat operations during OEF and OIF; provided on-site support to Headquarters, U.S. Air Force in the programming of major combat system programs across the FYDP; and delivered operational support to the National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force.

His work with OSD DCMO analysis teams directly advised and assisted senior DoD officials on organizational constructs and management issues; the implementation of organizational modifications; and proposed structural realignments and management reforms in order to achieve increased effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of business operations. One of the key projects he worked on was the 2008 Quadrennial Roles and Missions (QRM) effort, where he was tasked with conducting analyses and studies of DoD organizations, missions, and functions which also included change recommendations for improved organizational, structural, functional, and managerial arrangements for the governance and administration of the Department. In that role he supported the execution of several Departmental management programs, particularly the organizational realignments of both the DCMO and JIEDDO.

Web also played a vital role in supporting the Reports, Studies, Boards and Commissions Working Group by identifying over 1,000 internal reports of which nearly 650 were identified for elimination, saving the Department an estimated $1M.

His most recent assignment was as the DoD’s Liaison to the congressional Commission on the National Defense Strategy for the United States. Web ensured that the Commission successfully executed its assignment to review the national defense strategy of the United States, including the assumptions, missions, force posture and structure, and strategic and military risks associated with the strategy, and submitted its report to the President, the Secretary of Defense, the Committee on Armed Services of the House of Representatives, and the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate.