SGE Annual Renewal Documentation


As a Special Government Employee (SGE) you were appointed to serve on 1-4 year appointment.  However, each year you are required to be re-certified (or renewal) to verify that you still meet the requirements for appointment to the Board and complete an ethics review for possible conflicts of interest since your original appointment date.

Prior to the anniversary date of your appointment to the Board, the DBB Executive Director or Operations Manager will contact you directly providing the necessary instructions and forms for you to complete and return by a specified date. 

Below are the current forms and other documentation required for your annual re-certification.


1.   OGE Form 450 - Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (Nov 2019)

2.   SD Form 436 - Conditions of Employment for Experts and Consultants

3.   Disqualification Statement

4.   SOCO SGE Ethics Guide Certification Statement

5.   Updated biography

6.   A color copy of the signature and picture pages of your current US Passport (if it has been renewed within the last year)